Liberty Advanced Security, LLC

About Us

Liberty Advanced Security, LLC is a security consulting firm that provides strategic support, guidance and education to enhance safety.  Liberty Advanced Security helps promote Life, Liberty, and Happiness through improved security for you, your company and your employees.

Our company’s mission is accomplished by implementing three (3) core strategies; Engage, Empower, and Mitigate.

Engage– Liberty Advanced Security engages the client to determine the correct strategy to improve security. Through policy implementation and training, corporations and schools alike will have the tools necessary to succeed in a chaotic event.

Empower– Liberty Advanced Security empowers the client and their employees through education.  Empowerment is vital for success.  Liberty Advanced Security provides training that has been created by experts that have real life experience in public and private safety.

Mitigate– Liberty Advanced Security works with the client to help mitigate loss.  Preparedness and how your company and employees respond to critical events will determine the outcome.   Creating the proper training and policies, along with infrastructure implementations, you can change the narrative and take control.

Liberty Advanced Security, LLC offers educational opportunities for schools, churches and businesses that promote both personal and physical security.  These training sessions consist of topics that include but are not limited to Mass Casualty Preparedness, Workplace Violence Awareness, Self-Defense, Professional Communication/ Conflict Resolution, Stop the Bleed, and CPR. These programs provide opportunities to businesses by creating a comprehensive safety training program.  This is critical when reviewing critical incident policies and procedures, and performing an analysis of safety measures at their facility.

By engaging the client and their employees, Liberty Advanced Security provides the tools necessary to mitigate loss and increase business continuity.

We also understand that you may have other security requests. Please feel free to reach out to us using the “Contact Us” tab to see if we can help.

Thank you