Our Services

Training is one of the truest ways that you can engage your employees and make them feel valuable.  At Liberty Advanced Security we will work with you to determine which one of our many training programs is right for you.

A few of the training programs that Liberty Advanced Security offers are:

Mass Casualty/ Multi-Crisis Preparedness

CPR/AED training

Self- Defense

Professional Communication/ Conflict Resolution

Concealed Carry/ Firearm Safety

Stop the Bleed®

Table Top Exercises

Corporate Review

If you are starting a new business or if you’ve have been in existence for a while, you understand that being prepared when crisis strikes is important to promote the return to normal.  At Liberty Advanced Security, our consultants can review existing Emergency Action or Crisis Response Plans or help you create one.  Having a plan of action, in the event of an emergency, is critical for survival and sustainability.

Liberty Advanced Security can help your business develop:

Crisis Response Plans

Emergency Action Plans

Site Analysis

Is your business, school, or church secure?  At Liberty Advanced Security, our consultants can provide an analysis of your building or campus and determine where your infrastructure has vulnerabilities.

USCCA Membership

At Liberty Advanced Security, we know that being trained to survive is only one step to the equation.  Having the right tools in place to protect yourself and your family post-incident is vital too.  That’s why at Liberty Advanced Security, we became an Affiliate Partner to provide our customers with the best option for liability protection.  With 24 hour service if you are involved in a force incident, you can be reassured that some one will be there to help.

There are different levels of memberships, hit the photo link or message Liberty Advanced Security if you have questions.

At Liberty Advanced Security, we know that when individual(s) are injured, being trained to react as well as having the right equipment to succeed is vital.  That is why Liberty Advanced Security not only offers training to save lives, but the medical supplies to help save those that we care about so much.

Other Security Opportunities

At Liberty Advanced Security, we know that you may have specific needs. Our consultants can provide a variety of other opportunities.

Sport‘s Arena/ Sport’s Team Training

Security at a sporting event is key to the safety of your guests, athletes, and staff.  At Liberty Advanced Security, we understand that creating a safe environment enhances the experience for everyone. Our consultants can provide a variety of training opportunities that will empower your staff and improve the experience for your guests.