Training Opportunities

Mass Casualty/ Multi-Crisis Preparedness

How will you respond in a Crisis? A Mass Casualty incident?  How will your employees respond when time is of the upmost importance? Mass Casualty events have increased exponentially since 2015 and Critical Events happen more frequently.

At Liberty Advanced Security, we understand that involving employees and employers, students and teachers, is the key to mitigating loss and improving the outcomes of a bad events.

At Liberty Advanced Security, we have created informative Mass Casualty/ Multi-Crisis Preparedness presentations for businesses, houses of worship, and schools that instill confidence to take action and mitigate loss. We understand that through education, we can help save lives.

Contact Liberty Advanced Security for more information about one of our many useful presentations.

Workplace Violence Awareness

Has your school, house of worship, or business discussed how you and your employees will respond to workplace violence?  These events are some of the most unpredictable events that occur and can and have led to mass casualty incidents.  Though they can be unpredictable, there are warning signs and situational factors that if recognized in the early stages of development, can help protect you, your employees and guests.

At Liberty Advanced Security, we have created an informative Workplace Violence Awareness seminar for schools, houses of worship, and businesses to provides invaluable information about assessing dangers and the early earning signs, what to include in your crisis plan, and how to develop effective strategies to empower employees to take responsible actions to help prevent and mitigate loss. We understand that through this education, we can help you protect you and your employees.

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Liberty Advanced Security has partnered with Titan CPR Associates to provide high quality CPR instruction that is effective and efficient.  Knowing how to provide life-saving skills will empower you and your staff react when minutes count.  Contact us to schedule a class at your location.

Professional Communications

We understand that there are times that communication can break down, even if you do everything right.  At Liberty Advanced Security, our consultants have utilized their decades of professional experience to create a program that helps promote effective communication and avoid conflict. Our program will provide your employees with the options and skills necessary to navigate the complex nature of effective communication.


There is more to self-defense than just striking a bag.  At Liberty Advanced Security, we have created a program that empowers our students and provides them information about pre-attack cues and environmental awareness. Through our training, students will have the confidence and the ability to defend themselves and others if an attack should arise.

At Liberty Advanced Security, we offer several variations of our self-defense course. From presentation only to full contact scenario.  Please contact us for more information.

Concealed Carry/ Firearms Safety

Do you have or are thinking of purchasing a firearm?  If you own a firearm, do you have a concealed carry permit?  What are the legal ramifications if you use your firearm to defend yourself?  Owning a firearm carries a large burden, especially if you don’t have the basic knowledge or skills to safely handle a firearm.  Liberty Advanced Security offers firearm classes that provide the student with an understanding how to safely handle their firearm, a basic understanding of the laws that allow you to defend yourself whether in your house or at work, and situational considerations to determine when you should and should not use your firearm.

Class 1: Firearm Basics for Beginners

Class 2: Advanced Firearms

Class time is 4 hours for Class 1.  Participants that successfully complete the course will be eligible to apply for a Concealed Carry Permit .

Class is currently only offered in the State of Wisconsin.

Stop the Bleed®

Stop the Bleed is a national program to help educate the public to act fast and save lives.  Liberty Advanced Security has trained certificated instructors to help provide instruction on best practices when injuries occur.  Our Bleed Control class will train you and your employees on how to manage life-threatening bleeding.  This training is vital in saving lives, not only in mass casualty events, but everyday critical injuries.

Liberty Advanced Security instructors will come to your business to provide high quality and cost effective instruction to you and your employees.  Contact us to schedule a class.

Table Top Exercises

At Liberty Advanced Security, we will work to create realistic Table Top exercises that will mentor your employees through the exercise, test their understanding of their roles in a critical event, and instill confidence that they will be able to take action to help mitigate loss.