Liberty Advanced Security is a proud distributor of ZOLL Medical AED and Mobilize Rescue Systems. Through this partnership, we can now offer our clients life-saving equipment. The ZOLL Medical  products that we offer, in conjunction with our CPR and Bleed Control classes, will help everyday heroes become life-savers when seconds and minutes matter.

The reason we partnered with ZOLL Medical is that we understand that the time a victim is determines survivability.  Whether it is the ZOLL AED Plus or Cardiac Science Powerheart G5, using a defibrillator in conjunction with CPR saves time, provides real feedback, and can increase survivability.

If you come upon a victim of a cardiac event and nothing is done until Emergency Services arrive, their chance of survival is 5%. If you provide CPR, their chance of survival goes up.*

If the victim is in arrhythmia, defibrillation (AED) is the only thing that can bring them back into rhythm.  A victim’s chance of survival goes down 10% for every minute of delayed defibrillation. **

The ZOLL Medical products that we offer are:


Cardiac Science Powerheart G5

Mobilize Rescue

Additional Supplies (Batteries and pads)

Go to the Contact Us page to request a quote or more information about all of the services that we can offer you. We will work tirelessly to accommodate your company’s AED needs, including matching most government contract rates.


*  Weisfeldt ML, et al. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2010;55(16):1713–20.

**  Circulation. 2010;122:S720–S728,